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Bringing together the generations with a simple, yet brilliant idea

Founded during the Covid-19 lockdown during 2020, Lot, her Father and Grandfather decided to create something together, even though they were apart.

They found that through their love of gaming, craft and technology they were able to combine thier skills to create some very special products.

"Please stay tuned to this site and watch out for us on social media, something exciting is coming"

Chief Technology Officer : Ash

"Yeet :>"

Director of Gaming Experience : Lot

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Director of Fabrication and Production : Grandad Steve



The Director of Gaming Experience and Creative Director.



The Chief Technology Officer.


Grandad Steve

The Director of Fabrication and Production.



Social Co-ordinator and Pinball Preparation.

Our Backstory

In 2018, Ash and Lot began constructing an arcade. Now, Grandad Steve has joined the team and they have made a pinball table and are now currently developing another.


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Exciting news! Just placed orders for all the parts for manufacture of Prototype number 3.

Prototype 0 was a small tabletop arcade. Low cost and a lot of fun.

Prototype 1 was a quarter size virtual pinball machine. Low cost and a lot of fun.

Prototype 2 was a half size pinball machine that now entertains visitors at VR ZONE ltd in Long Sutton. This girl is not small and is extremely well built. The fun levels went up several notches and she puts on quite a show with her led lighting displays.

Prototype 3 will be a mixture of all three. Bar top arcade size and convenience, with the excitement of virtual pinball and retro arcade games all on one unit.

Estimate prices would likely be around £599 for the standard version and an extra cost for LED lighting, analogue plunger and additional scoreboard monitor on the premium.

We will post updates on the prototype build here as we progress, but we expect much faster build times and hopefully have some ready for Christmas.

Please let us know your thoughts, we do love to hear from you.

Our second prototype is available to try out at VR Zone ltd in Long Sutton.

It's taken five months to get this prototype to this point. After playing with our 1st prototype based on a 21"...

Posted by Early Gamers on Friday, 20 August 2021
Time Machine - Data East - 1988

The Time Machine, while 33 years old, is a very colourful and lively pinball table. It is very entertaining and addictive. This was a fabulous 1st proper pinball machine; we do not regret this amazing purchase. :>

Looking up the playfield of Data East Time Machine
Star Wars - Data East - 1992

The wonderful Star Wars series makes a very good pinball table. It has a lot of things to interact with - such as a death star, R2-D2 and even a stormtrooper shoot-out! This outstanding pinball table will definitely get top marks for quality, interactiveness and addictiveness!

The lower playfield of Data East Star Wars
Expo - Williams - 1969

While being a very recent addition to our pinball collection, Expo is actually a very pleasant table considering that it came out a whopping 52 - yes, you did read that right - years ago! It currently isn't playable, but with some tlc, we can get it to work. The condition isn't exactly pristine so we are going to clean it thoroughly to make sure it doesn't spoil the fun.

Click here to see the restoration in progress.

A picture of the pre-restoration Williams Expo

We are based in Long Sutton, Lincolnshire, UK. Find us on Facebook or drop us an email at contact@earlygamers.co.uk to get in touch. Thanks.